Experience. Quality. Precision. Total-Western’s Design & Construction Services bring confidence to every project.

Our expertise has been honed over a broad range of construction projects including piping, equipment repair and replacement, structural steel, excavation, civil, concrete, electrical, instrumentation, and facility improvements in petrochemical, power generation, heavy industrial, manufacturing, processing, mining, and service facilities.

We can provide construction of all types, with scopes ranging from small projects to turnkey installations.

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We employ a progressive design-build approach, incorporating the contractor into the project during the design process. This enables us to provide valuable input and feedback at the most critical time of the project before construction begins.

With progressive design-build, we are able to:

  • Streamline the bidding process by structuring our design based on a detailed estimate.
  • Base our design on what is constructable instead of reviewing a design to see if it is constructable.
  • Bring teams together to build a collaborative design that has incorporated contractor feedback throughout the process.
  • Collect feedback from knowledgeable vendors and contractors to ensure the design decisions factor in price, performance and schedule impacts.

Benefits of this process include cost certainty, condensed scheduling and more flexibility for our clients.

LEAN Construction

While we are in the early stages of our lean journey, we are in the process of implementing the lean concepts that have transformed the manufacturing and commercial industries and apply them to our core focus areas.

Currently, the lean term “Project Team” only refers to the employees of one company. As a general contractor, we at Total-Western seek to redefine the term and transform it into a “One Team Mentality” – encompassing all other companies, trade partners, subcontractors and architects to best meet the needs of our clients.

This transformation is currently underway in our company culture and collective mindsets as we are starting on both ends of the spectrum, engaging our foreman and working crews out in the field as well as our senior leadership team.

Staying true to our PASS program and its doctrine of continuous improvement, Total-Western is using the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and evaluating our processes at every level to provide maximum value to our business partners.

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We’d love to discuss ways to add value to your business.

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